We are Hackathonners

A bunch of people who build things.

What is our philosophy?

Learn by doing in hackathon-like meetings.

Learning leads our way

Continuous learning is our motivation. In hackathon-like meetings, we discuss ideas and improve our development process through building prototypes of solutions to real world problems.

Our motto sounds like us

We aim to be a big group, as big as we are in hard-work and motivation. We are convinced that creating a piece of software can be as innovating, challenging and laborious as building a skyscraper.

Hackathons are funny and challenging

Taking part in one of our hackathons is meant to be a fun and challenging experience. The same can be said about organizing one, as we strive to make every hackathon better than the last.

We want you to join us

From Braga, Portugal, to the world. Our main goal is to organize large scale hackathons in such a way that we connect and motivate participants like you to learn more and share your experience.

A passionate team

People that make hackathons great.

André Pinho
Bruno Ferraz
Daniel Tavares
Diogo Couto
Francisco Neves
Hugo Gonçalves
José Silva
Marco Couto
Miguel Costa
Our partners